Using Gravel in Your Garden | Wigan Aggregates

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Using Gravel in Your Garden | Wigan Aggregates

Create a Gravel Pathway

Gravel pathways are fantastic idea in gardening design and for framing areas used for planting, rockeries or outdoor furniture spaces.

Gravel provides a softer and more natural look; there are many different colour options to choose from; this helps create a truly personal and unique pathway for you to enjoy.

Garden Gravel Steps

A current trend within gardens is the creation of split levels within the outdoor space. If this is an idea that you are considering for your garden, then you should consider using gravel as a step topping for steps leading to and from different areas of the garden space.

Decorative gravel planting schemes

As well as adding a decorative element to planting sections of a garden, gravel also has great practical benefits and is often used on top of the soil.

Front gravel gardens can add kerb appeal

Coming home to a gorgeous driveway or front garden is very important. The front of the home gets more attention from homeowners and many people are now choosing to no longer have grass at the front of their home and instead are using it for decorative gravel.

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