Is Grade 1 Top Soil the perfect choice for growth?

Is Grade 1 Top Soil the perfect choice for growth?

With enough soil, water and sunlight, most plants can grow pretty well. But to give certain types of plant life the best shot at growing as prominently as possible, so they can fully flourish, they need the right kind of soil, ensuring they receive all the essential nutrients they need to become properly formed display pieces, or other elements of your garden or land. When the soil in place simply won’t cut it, it’s time to consider investing in top soil.

Whether you’re new to gardening practices or are an experienced garden veteran and require top soil in Wigan, A&R Aggregates are the team you should speak with. With years of experience sourcing and supplying garden materials, building materials and more, we’re home to all the products and knowledge you need to make a difference in whatever project you’re working on.

With this in mind, here are a few things you should know about Grade 1 Top Soil, and why it’s often the best choice.

What is Grade 1 Top Soil?

Top soil is, as the name suggests, the top layer of soil from which plants sprout. In ideal scenarios, it is expected to contain all the major nutrients plants need to grow and stay healthy during their lifespan.

Grade 1 Top Soil is top soil that has been categorised as the most beneficial for plants, mostly based on its nutrient density, which has been garnered over many years during its formation (more on that in a moment).

If the existing soil in your garden or grass patch is broken, damaged, too dry or simply struggles to allow anything to grow, it is well worth turning over this soil and replacing it with another top soil, specifically Grade 1 Top Soil, to maintain a healthy and visually impressive garden or patch of land.

Its reputable results have made it the go-to soil for those in charge of maintaining areas where the quality and consistency of the plant life and/or grass is paramount, such as golf courses and football pitches, to name but a few.

The benefits of Grade 1 Top Soil

An abundance of nutrients

As mentioned above, Grade 1 Top Soil is incredibly beneficial for growing plants and grass thanks to its high density of nutrients. These include all the nutrients and organic matter your garden plants need to reach their full potential, including plenty of nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and many more.

While standard soil can be gathered from virtually anywhere, Grade 1 Top Soil is formed over hundreds of years, often through the weathering of large rocks and the absorption of nutrients from dead plants and animals.


Anyone with experience in gardening in any capacity will know how difficult it can be to work with certain types of soil. While many are pleasant and malleable, some are rather doughy and difficult to plant with.

A benefit of Grade 1 Top Soil is its workable consistency. With a consistent texture similar to sand, its very fine nature makes it incredibly easy to use in the planting of fruits, vegetables, flowers, turf and any other garden elements you want to enjoy. This is true in both wet and dry conditions, helping you complete your garden or grass projects much faster, without waiting for the weather to be on your side.

Value for money

It’s true, you will pay more for Grade 1 Top Soil than many other soils on the market. But when you consider the excellent value for money this top soil provides, there’s no questioning that it’s beyond a worthwhile investment.

Considering how much better plant life will look when planted in Grade 1 Top Soil, rather than other less beneficial soils, and how much longer they can last, it should come as no surprise that Grade 1 Top Soil is always a prime choice for dedicated gardeners everywhere.

Looking for Grade 1 Top Soil in Wigan? Speak to A&R Aggregates

If Grade 1 Top Soil sounds like it will make the perfect addition to your garden or will help solve your planting woes, choose A&R Aggregates. Our top soil has been locally excavated from only the highest, quality agricultural land, making it ideal for laying turf, seeding beds and more.

Explore our bulk bag top soil offerings at the link provided above, or reach out to A&R Aggregates if you have any burning questions, we’d be happy to help you make a decision.

We can also offer next-day delivery in the Wigan area, if you require new top soil quickly, just be sure to place your order before 4 pm to receive your soil the next working day.

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