If you want to improve the appearance and quality of your garden, it’s essential you have the right resources so your luscious grass and sensational plant life can grow to its fullest. At Wigan Aggregates, we’re home to lawn top soil and grit sand you can use to give your garden the best chance at looking stunning when the sun finally shines.

Bulk Topsoil

When you buy topsoil, you need to make sure you’ve got enough to cover the area you want to flourish. Usually, that’s a massive part of your garden, which is why you can buy Grade 1 topsoil bulk bags from Wigan Aggregates. Lawn top soil can be used in your garden as new beds for plants, or for growing grass seeds, ensuring they have the nutrients they need to sprout effectively. Our lawn top soil is great for growing vegetables, too, for the wannabe farmers amongst you! And at some of the most competitive prices around, you can finally stop Googling ‘cheap topsoil near me’ – we’ve got you covered.

Grit Sand

If the soil you currently have in your garden is too dense to properly water the seeds and roots you have underneath, a good amount of grit sand could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Because grit sand is made up of far chunkier pieces than traditional garden soil, when mixed with soil it can create spaces between the particles of dirt, allowing enough room for water droplets to pass through when it rains – or when you water your plants – to give your seeds and plants the water they need to grow. Our washed grit sand is perfect to keep your garden well-watered all year round.

Take a look at our selection of soil and sand below, or get in touch with Wigan Aggregates if you need a hand making a decision – we’re happy to help.