Looking to change up your garden or walkways without spending a fortune on expensive groundwork or paving? Decorative stones can be a great option that’s affordable, attractive and easy to apply.

Available in a variety of textures, colours, shapes and styles, we have decorative stones, garden pebbles and slate chippings to suit any home or garden setting. Working as an extension of your current grass or concrete surfaces, decorative garden stones fill in extra space without drawing too much attention while breaking up bland-looking paths and colour schemes, turning them into something totally new and refreshing.

Cotswold chippings, for example, offer a unique and eye-catching addition to any setup, without being too over-the-top, for an appealing yet understated look.

Plum Slate

An ever-popular option to add a touch of darker elegance, plum slate always proves to be a show-stopper in any garden or across any walkway.

Featuring rich shades of purple that develop into even deeper shades when it rains, these plum slate chippings are slightly larger in size than several other decorative stones, making them an ideal choice if you want decorative garden stones that look prominent and are easy to lay in any formation that works for your personal aesthetic.

Decorative Gravel

If you prefer something much brighter, at the opposite end of the spectrum we have our decorative gravel that’s golden in colour and guaranteed to completely transform the look and feel of anywhere they’re used. You could even apply it as a visual accessory to your flower beds, making them look great while also encouraging them to retain moisture, helping the plants to grow.

It’s also perfect to use on driveways and patios and makes a real statement piece as the home for your car or outdoor furniture.

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Where can I use decorative stone?

Decorative stone can be used in various areas around your home (or any building really) to accentuate certain elements and shapes, while also adding an extra touch of visual flair. It is popularly used to highlight pathways to front and back doors, as well as walkways in gardens, along with the sides of driveways. You can also use our decorative stone to create stunning garden displays, helping to break up the appearance of simple soil. If you’re looking for decorative stone in Wigan, get in touch with Wigan Aggregates today and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

Can I move decorative gravel?

The beautiful thing about decorative gravel and decorative stone is that it’s not permanent once it has set in place. It may be a little time-consuming but, if your design needs change, you’re always able to simply shovel it up and move it elsewhere to suit your new preference. This prevents the need to buy replacement decorative gravel, making it incredibly cost-effective and long-lasting. Just be sure to replace it with something as the place you’ve removed it from may look a little bare once it has been moved.

Which decorative stone is best for my garden?

This depends entirely on you as everyone’s tastes are different! But our decorative stone in Wigan that’s proving popular at the moment includes Plum Slate, offering a refined look and a slightly purplish hue to any setting! Or, if you’re after something a little more eye-catching, our Decorative Golden Gravel in Wigan looks incredible in any garden, or lining the edges of your driveway to brighten up your home. If you would like some advice on which decorative stone is best for your specific needs, or if you want to learn more about our decorative stone in Wigan, get in touch with the team today.