Wigan MOT Bulk bags

Bulk Bag of MOT

Wigan MOT Bulk bags

What is Type 1 MOT

MOT Type 1 is a popular type of sub-base used for highways, driveways, car parks and footpaths. This sub-base consists of limestone, gritstone or basalt and granite crushed to 40mm down to dust to create small particles easy to compact. Wigan Aggregates can supply by the tipper load or supply bulk bags of type 1 MOT in Wigan and surrounding areas.

What does MOT stand for?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. This type of sub-base is also known as DOT Type 1 sub-base, meaning Department of Transport. This means that this specific sub-base complies with the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works, clause 803 (SHW 803).

Is MOT Type 1 permeable?

Little water will go through this sub-base material. So, technically it is not a permeable sub-base. To ensure the soil has drainage capacity, we would recommend installing a soak away to funnel the water below the soil.

Where can I buy MOT Type 1?

You can purchase MOT Type 1 online at Wigan Aggregates.
Feel free to speak to our sales team for more information on Type 1 MOT. Our sub-bases can be purchased in bulk bags or by the tonne.

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