Are decorative stone driveways more enticing than traditional driveways?

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Are decorative stone driveways more enticing than traditional driveways?

Driveways offer a practical solution for car owners to keep their vehicles safe and sound when parked at home, tucked away from passers-by or stray cars and bikes. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a great statement piece, as well as holding other advantages.

If you’ve been looking for a way to re-vamp the visuals at the front of your property, and you have a driveway readily available (or are planning to build one) decorative gravel driveways always prove to be a scene stealer. They not only improve the look of your home, but they’re extremely durable, making them an ideal choice for those wanting the perfect combo of looks and rugged resistance.

At A&R Aggregates, we’re home to a fantastic selection of decorative stones and driveway gravel that would transform any driveway from a standard parking space to a visual delight to greet you every time you leave and arrive home. If you’ve been considering a decorative stone driveway in Wigan or the surrounding area, we’re the people you need to speak to. With this in mind, here are a few benefits of a gravel driveway that make it impossible to miss.  

The benefits of decorative stone driveways

Stunning appearance

We’ve already spoken about how impressive driveways with decorative stones can look over their block paving counterparts – that’s a given – but the stones offer more visual advantages than just a generally pretty look.

For example, decorative stones can be used to cover the entirety of a driveway, or around the edges to accentuate its other features, such as flower beds or water features. This presents a more minimalist and stylish tone that can also show off the paving slabs that make up the base of your existing driveway, if they’re a particularly attractive colour or shape. Our Black 20mm Ballast Chippings can be a very striking look when used to bounce off brighter colours.

Add to this the fact they can make your driveway look even bigger and more substantial than it already is and it’s undeniable that decorative stone driveways don’t have one-up on traditional paved driveways.

Drainage qualities

Rain is painfully common year-round and, if your driveway isn’t built to compensate for this, water can quickly gather and pool, potentially causing damage to the mortar and slabs below. On top of this, as the cement between the slabs degrades due to prolonged water exposure, the moisture can encourage the growth of plants and weeds in the emerging cracks – an all too common site on many driveways.

But with decorative stones, you can encourage the water to flow in the right direction to keep it off your driveway during a downpour. By positioning the stones at a barely noticeable decline, you can siphon rain towards your preferred grid or drainage patch away from your driveway, helping to keep it in pristine condition for longer.

Now, speaking of pristine conditions…

Easy to clean

Traditional slab driveways can be great to look at, but keeping them looking that way can be a challenge, especially as the effects of the weather set in. All types of paving are prone to discolouration and the gathering of grime, mud and dust over time, meaning they must be treated with a pressure washer to blast away excess elements to keep them looking fine.

But with decorative stone driveways, you won’t have this problem. Because the stones regularly move, they’re not as prone to unwanted substances sticking to them, as they would if they were completely stationary. This means, for the most part, they can simply be rinsed off with the hose every once in a while to keep them sparkling clean. Plus, if some of the stones do eventually lose their natural sheen, you can simply turn them over and the illusion of a clean driveway is complete.

More decorative stones can be added or taken away

With permanently-set slabs, there’s literally no room for versatility in your driveway; that’s the way it’s built and, beyond any extensive replacements or repairs with even more building materials, that’s the way it’ll stay.

But if you’re more of a free spirit and like the thought of being able to change up your driveway at a moment’s notice, you can do exactly that with decorative stones.

Want to change the layout or shaping of your driveway? Add or remove stones as you see fit, until you have the desired effect. Or what if you want to swap the stones out for a completely different colour or texture, you can do that too! In the space of just a couple of hours, you could pack up your old stones and replace them with a newer, shinier model, that’ll completely change the way your house looks for the better. It’s that simple.

Quick and easy

Laying a new driveway can be an expensive and time-consuming experience, especially if you have little to no experience in these types of jobs.

But decorative stone driveways can be good to go in a matter of minutes. As long as there’s a suitably sturdy base for the stones to sit atop, like an existing layer of old concrete, simply throw the stones of your choice on top and spread them out as you like for a fast, easy and cheap way to transform your driveway and wow your friends and neighbours.

Buy decorative stone for driveways in Wigan at A&R Aggregates

If you’ve been on the lookout for decorative stones for Wigan driveways, or are building a brand new driveway and want to make it truly look the part, get in touch with A&R Aggregates.

Our selection of decorative stones for driveways – and other parts of the home – never fails to impress, including our ever-popular bright golden gravel, amongst other angular chippings that catch the eye. Take a look at our selection of decorative stones here or reach out if you need a helping hand.

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