What are the dangers of purchasing building materials from inexperienced merchants?

What are the dangers of purchasing building materials from inexperienced merchants?

Whether you’re working on a relatively small project, like renovating a driveway, or you need to lay the foundations for something more robust, having the right building materials for the job is essential if you want the result to be of top quality.

Sadly, though, far too many homeowners or independent contractors rely on materials that simply aren’t up to scratch, from people or companies that don’t have the experience or connections to deliver a suitable product. This can set projects back weeks, or even months, and adds to the overall workload.

At A&R Aggregates, we’re highly experienced in delivering building materials Greater Manchester customers can rely on, so we like to think we know what we’re talking about!

With this in mind, if you have an upcoming job and are considering buying materials from inexperienced providers to save a few pounds, here’s why that’s always a poor decision, and why you should always choose a supplier you can rely on.

The pitfalls of buying building materials from inexperienced companies – and why you should choose a trusted supplier

A lack of knowledge

In areas as intricate as construction, home improvements and renovations, knowledge is king. Having an in-depth knowledge of the processes and materials involved is key if you want to ensure you choose the right materials for the job the first time.

But some suppliers simply aren’t as in tune with their stock as they should be and can’t provide the level of advice customers expect. This can often lead customers to purchase unsuitable materials, throwing their project into jeopardy.

But at A&R Aggregates, our team has plenty of excellent working knowledge based on years of experience. Plus, because we source our materials locally, we’re always able to offer the details you need to choose the correct materials for the job.

Questionable materials

When building materials providers are new on the block, they often don’t have the working relationships they need with suppliers that ensure they receive only the best materials for their customers.

This can be a serious issue because the success of any project – large or small – can only be measured by the quality of the materials being used. The better the materials, the more impressive the result and the longer the finished product is likely to last.

Luckily, at A&R Aggregates, you can always rely on us to deliver top-quality materials for whatever you’re working on. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with a network of local quarries, we always know where our materials are coming from and can always vouch for their quality, passing the benefits onto you and your projects.

Delivery times

Depending on the nature of your work, you may need your building materials delivered as quickly as possible, so you can remain on schedule.

If this is the case, purchasing your materials from an inexperienced provider is a risky move. Specifically, because there’s no visible track record of whether they’ll be able to deliver your materials at a pre-determined time. If they don’t deliver on time, you could end up losing days of productivity.

That’s why, if you’re in the Wigan or Greater Manchester area, you should choose A&R Aggregates. We offer free local delivery to Wigan postcodes and can offer next-day delivery throughout the Greater Manchester area that’s always punctual, meaning you’ll get your building supplies when you need them.

When speaking with one of our agents, you can even request to have your materials delivered kerbside either AM or PM – we can’t always guarantee you’ll get the time slot you want, but we do our best, depending on availability. But you’ll always receive your items the day you expect them.

Choose A&R Aggregates for building materials in the Wigan and Greater Manchester area

If you’re looking for high-quality building materials such as Type 1 MOT crushed stone, limestone chippings or washed grit sand, and you live in the Wigan or Greater Manchester area, speak to A&R Aggregates today.

We also supply decorative stones and soil, if you’re looking to plant new elements in your garden projects, making us your number-one choice for supplies in the North West.

Speak to a member of the A&R Aggregates service team today to learn more.

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