What are the benefits of washed grit sand?

What are the benefits of washed grit sand?

What are the benefits of washed grit sand?

In your search for building materials, Wigan will have a plethora of options for you to choose from, both in terms of the materials you need and the company you buy from.

If you live in the Wigan area and are embarking on a construction project, washed grit sand may come in handy. A versatile and easy-to-use aggregate, when washed, sand becomes infinitely useful in a variety of scenarios and not just as a base for larger, heavier materials.

At Wigan Aggregates, we’re home to all the building materials you need to make your project a reality – including washed grit sand, limestone chippings and so much more. Want to make a decorative display around doors, gardens or driveways? We’ll have the aggregates to suit your needs.

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What is washed grit sand?

Washed grit sand is essentially sand that has had impurities and other unnecessary substances removed via washing and straining, leaving only the desired sand particles that will be useful to your project. This includes removing chloride and other elements to meet the national standard.

The removal of these excess substances before using the sand is essential as, depending on the project in question, they may be harmful to other materials and cause them to degrade. This is especially true when the sand is used in concrete and floor screeding.

Washed grit sand is ideal for laying block slabs and paving, as well as pipe bedding for plumbing. If you require floor screeding material, simply mix it with cement for excellent results.

What are the advantages of washed grit sand?


When compared to natural sand, washed grit sand is more readily available in the areas where it most needs to be applied. As a result, it doesn’t cost as much to transport to the relevant locations, driving down its cost to stockists and cost to the consumer overall. The reduced transportation costs, along with its effectiveness in projects where clean sand is needed, make it great value for money compared to several alternatives.

Fantastic strength

Compared to similar sands, washed grit sand holds up far better thanks to its impressive strength under pressure, making it the perfect choice for projects that require rugged mortar. This impressive strength is only increased tenfold when the washed sand is mixed with cement, creating a mix that is applicable to a huge range of construction projects.

Control measures

As we’ve pointed out previously, the keyword in the title ‘washed grit sand’ is ‘washed,’ and this factor makes the material very sought after for applications that require no risk of contamination from unwanted elements. This process guarantees a suitable product, one that is far more suitable than conventional sand; a desirable trait for companies and individuals wanting to avoid any potential consequences of unsuitable materials later down the line.

Whatever your project, Wigan Aggregates has you covered

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